Rule & Regulations

Hanging Rock Golf Rules & Regulations

There is in fact, only one ideal governing the operation of Hanging Rock Golf Club:

That every service and facility of this club be made available for the maximum pleasure of the customer consistent with practical and economic considerations.

There is similarly just one ideal governing your use of Hanging Rock Golf Club:

That you exercise due regard and observe courtesy towards fellow golfers, the staff and the physical property of the club.

Pursuit to these basic ideals, the following rules are in effect; they are designated to help you and your family to enjoy Hanging Rock Golf Club to the fullest.


A.     General

1.      The Board of Directors shall make, adopt, and administer all rules and regulations relating to golf operations. Golf Regulations may be amended from time to time at the discretion of the Board.

2.      The Rules of Golf established by the United States Golf Association will govern all play. In the spirit of the game, all players are expected to respect the rights of others, take care of the course, exhibit good sportsmanship, and follow the general guidelines set forth in the "etiquette" section of the USGA rules.

3.      Walking is allowed on weekdays and after 1:00PM on weekends and holidays.

4.      All players, regardless of whether walking or riding a cart must register in the golf shop before play. It is imperative that all comply for accurate registration in case of emergencies. Likewise, all golfers must sign golf cart charge tickets in the golf shop before beginning play.

5.      Golfer’s that sign up for a tee time for (4) four golfers and show up with only one or two could lose their tee time and will be put on a standby list to be paired up.           

6.      Foursomes have priority, followed in order by threesomes and twosomes. Singles have no standing in accordance with the USGA “etiquette” guidelines and could be asked to pair up with another group.

7.      All groups are expected to maintain their position on the golf course. If a match falls behind those ahead every effort should immediately be made to resume your position with the group ahead. If the group is unable to close the gap, they must allow the match behind to play through promptly or skip a hole to catch up to their proper position.

8.      Starting times are required and are provided as a service to the customers throughout the year. All golfers must call to cancel tee times that will not be used and failure to comply may result in a reprimand from the Board of Directors. The Board may reserve “starter’s times” or block of tee times for the overall benefit of the golf program.

9.      The play of fivesomes is prohibited at all times from March – November. December-February is allowed if approved by the Professional Staff and only on days with very limited play.

10.    Fishing, wading, swimming or the like is expressly forbidden in ponds. Jogging, bike riding, skateboarding, or horseback riding Is not allowed on the golf course. Walking or walking with pets is prohibited on the golf course unless otherwise approved from Management.

11.    Golf lessons are offered by appointment. Advance reservations are recommended.

12.    All players shall start on hole #1 unless previous authorization to start elsewhere is obtained from the golf shop. 

13.    All play must remain within the boundaries (white stakes) of the golf course.

14.    Golfers will be billed for any damage to the club property caused by themselves, their family, or their ball.

15.    Each golfer must play with his/her own set of clubs. A set of clubs will consist of (not less than) a bag, 1 & 3 wood, 5, 7, 9 iron and a putter. Two or more golfers may not share a  set. Rental clubs are available.

16.    The golf course is for registered golfers only. No other activities are allowed at any time on the golf course fairways, greens, tees, or roughs.

17.    Children any age may play if accompanied by an adult player and those twelve years of age or over may play without an adult member provided that they have permission from the golf staff.

18.    Smoking is NOT allowed anywhere in the clubhouse including the restaurant area.

19.    The clubhouse will be open every day of the year except Christmas. Club hours may be subject to seasonal change.

20.    Complaints or suggestions may be made directly to the Director of Golf, Club Manager or the General Manager.

21.    Neither food nor beverages shall be brought onto the premises (parking lot, clubhouse, golf course) for consumption as it is required that all food and beverages consumed in those areas be purchased from the club. Any golfer requiring an exception to this rule for medical or other compelling reasons must obtain such an exception in advance by the Golf Staff. 

22.    Food and beverage service is available from 7:00 A.M. until dusk every day during the golfing season. By law, alcoholic beverages may not be served anywhere on the club premises to anyone under the age of 21 or who, in the opinion of the staff, is or appears to be intoxicated.

B.     Dress Code

1.      A dress code for all golfers is enforced at all times. Proper attire for the golf course and practice areas is required. Men must wear collared shirts, shorts within 3 inches of the knee, and appropriate slacks. Tank tops, sleeveless shirts, T-shirts, mid shirts, cut-off shorts, swimwear, torn or faded jeans will not be permitted. Ladies may wear sleeveless shirts with collars, collar-less shirts with short sleeves, shorts within 3 inches of the knee, culottes, skirts, or slacks (no torn or faded jeans). Judgement concerning questionable attire not covered here is left to the golf staff.

2.      Spikeless golf shoes (or appropriate smooth soled athletic shoes) are requied by all players. No metal spikes are allowed on the golf course or in the clubhouse at any time.

C.    Practice Areas

1.      Driving range balls should be directed toward the target areas provided and away from the hill to the right. Golfers capable of driving over the fence at the back of the range must not do so and understand they are exposing themselves to personal liability. These golfers are restricted to IRONS ONLY unless prior approval is given from the Golf Staff. This is a serious matter that will not be tolerated. Repeated violations by anyone will be suspended from the club.

2.      Range balls are the property of the Club and are provided for practice only. No golfer may store balls for future use. Golfers must not use Hanging Rock Golf Club range balls while playing golf on the course or have them in your possession. 

3.      The hours of the driving range will be the same as the Golf Shop except as follows: on Sundays the range will close at 5:00PM in the spring and summer months and at 3:00PM in the fall and winter months. Also, Monday mornings the range will be closed until 10AM during the golf season. Periodically the range will be closed to pick up ball or for maintenance purposes.

4.      Practicing is not allowed at any time anywhere on the golf course except on the driving range and the putting greens.

D.     Handicaps

1.      Golfers must adjust their scores using the USGA Equitable Stroke Control System and post in the computer located in the clubhouse. An annual fee of $37 offsetting handicap charges will be billed to each golfer posting scores. Golfers failing to post scores will have a score posted equal to their lowest previous recorded round and reported to the Board of Directors. The golf staff and handicap committee will routinely spot check player registration and posting records. Equitable handicaps are vital to the life of the Club and any manipulation or lack of integrity concerning handicap policies and procedures is a serious matter and will be addressed by the Board of Directors.

2.      All golfers participating in club association events must have an established and verifiable USGA handicap at Hanging Rock Golf Club to participate.

E.      Cart Regulations

1.      The Board of Directors shall make, adopt, and administer all rules regarding golf car registration, operation, and the issuance of permits and regulations regarding their use. The Club will maintain an adequate number of golf cars for the benefit of all golfers and will keep them in good repair.

2.      Golfers should report malfunctioning golf cars promptly to the golf staff for proper repairs.

3.      The club will not accept any responsibility for property damage or public liability, which may result from the use of any golf cart. Such responsibility belongs to the operator of the golf cart. 

4.      Carts are not allowed in homeowner's yards, public streets, or the grassy areas around the parking lot.

5.      Golf carts should not be operated on steep or slippery slopes for personal safety reasons.

6.      Golf carts should not be operated on any grassed area within 100 feet of any putting green and should always remain on the cart paths between greens and tees.

7.      Club employees (golf or greens staff) are authorized to offer friendly reminders regarding cart policies when violations are observed while performing other regular duties. Golfers should comply with any reminder and not reprimand anyone (staff person) in this regard.

8.      Golf carts are to stay on the cart path on ALL par 3’s.

9.      No more than two people are to ride or play out of one golf cart. When golf cart space is available to any riding golfer playing in a twosome or foursome and that golfer chooses to rent another cart, he or she shall pay full fare for that cart.

10.    Common sense dictates that golfers should use good judgment in avoiding wet areas at all times. Any accidental course damage by a golf car or irrigation system leaks should be reported promptly.

11.    The drivers of a golf car must have a driver’s license and be 16 years old. Young children under the age of six, not playing golf, are not permitted on the course.

12.    Golf cart usage will be evaluated on a daily basis by the Superintendent with one of the following directives in effect: CART PATHS ONLY, 90 DEGREE RULE (operate cart on path, drive directly to ball and return immediately to cart path), or CARTS OFF PATH. Also, the NO CART posts are set on each hole to determine when you must return to the cart area. All golfers are expected to follow all golf cart directional signage, avoid roped off areas, and any other recommendations regarding golf cart operation.

13.    The charge for golf cart rental for Play Pass holders is $16.00 for 18 holes and $9.00 for 9 Holes. The charge for all other cart rental is $20 for 18 holes and $10 for 9 holes.

14.    The Superintendent or Golf Professional may from time to time temporarily close the course or cart paths to golf cars for weather related conditions for the protection of club facilities.

15.    Golf cars should be returned to the staging area at the side of the clubhouse promptly after the round is
         completed. Golf cars are not to be left in the parking lot and must be in by dark.

Golf Course Etiquette

In the interest of all golfers using our golf course, certain rules of etiquette are of necessity by the golfers relative to protecting and preserving the quality of maintenance of the golf course in order to insure the enjoyment of the best playing conditions. All golfers will have the opportunity to make play more pleasant for other patrons by willingly honoring the following suggestions:

1.      The golfer will either replace all fairway, tee, and rough divots or fill divot with sand. 

2.      Ball scars or bruises on the green should be repaired by the players by lifting and bringing together the turf with a golf tee or an accepted hand device.

3.      High-heeled shoes will not be permitted on the golf course or practice putting greens at any time.

4.      Players will mark a ball on the green with a coin or other golf-accepted marker, but will not scratch or dig into the green. Golfers should walk carefully on the green to prevent scuffing the turf on the green with their spikes. Pick up feet while walking, step lively, and do not drag spikes.

5.      Extreme care should be exercised when removing or replacing the flagstick so as not to damage the turf around the lip of the cup. The flagstick should be laid carefully and gently next to the green during the putting period.   Players will not use the flagstick as a rest or punch it into the green.

6.      Only a putter will be used to putt on the green. Golfers will not intentionally drop or toss a putter on the green or lean on their putters on the putting surface.

7.      Golfers will not lay or toss lit or unlit cigarettes, cigar butts, or matches on the greens or aprons.

8.      After putting out, the golfer will not flip the ball out of the cup with their putter. Players will not drop their bags on the putting surface or apron of the green. 

9.      Players are not to pull handcarts or ride power golf carts across the green or into sand bunkers.

10.    Players should not step within 12" of the cup at any time after putting. Footprints on the green within this area will cause a putt to roll off line and will cause severe injury to the turf and compaction.

11.    All youngsters shall be kept under strict surveillance by the parents when using the driving range. Golfers will respect all signs and nylon roping at all times.

12.    Hand pull carts, single electric hand carts, and power golf carts will stay at least 30 feet from the edge of greens and off all teeing surfaces. Cart paths will be used at all times, where available.

13.    After playing out of the sand bunker, the golfer should carefully smooth the footprints with a provided
hand rank in consideration of the following golfers. The rake should then be placed back in the sand at the edge of the sand bunker.

14.    Golfers should help keep the golf course free of debris. No person shall throw, discard, place or dispose of any garbage, refuse, cans, etc., on the golf course in any place other than a receptacle maintained for that purpose.

15.    No person is permitted to ride or drive a vehicle on the golf course unless it pertains to the game of golf or maintenance of the golf course.

16.    Practice on the tees, fairways, and greens is prohibited at any time. Golf practice is limited to the driving range and the 2 practice greens.

17.    Players should leave the golf course in better playing condition than they found it.

18.    Players should not walk through sand bunkers. They are to walk around the sand bunker unless their ball is to be played out. Golfers should enter the sand bunker at a point closest to their ball and/or where the sand bunker is the lowest. Players should enter and leave the sand bunker with the least disturbance to the turf and sand.

A.     Golf Cart Tips:

1.      Stop even with the ball and on the side that you or your fellow rider's clubs are carried depending who is playing the shot. The driver should park the golf cart reasonably close to the ball to be played so the golfer may study the shot, make his/her club selection or change clubs without undue delay of game.

2.      Do not drive parallel to the top of a hill or rise to encourage a slant position of the golf cart and cause it to overturn. Never make a sharp turn, even on a straightaway. Approach a hill or rise in a straight line. To turn at the bottom of a hill, go straight and turn slowly, at a large angle.

3.      Park the golf cart in the rough when searching for a lost ball so as not to interfere with following golfers who may be asked to play through.

4.      Never park in front of a green while putting. Park on the cart path closest to the next tee. This speeds play and does not interfere with the following group.

5.      Be certain that the driver sets the brake prior to leaving the golf cart. The feet are not to be dragged outside the cart. They are to be kept inside until the golf cart is stopped. No one is to enter or leave the golf cart while it is in motion.

6.      Take two or three golf clubs if the distance to the green is not easily discerned when the golf cart must be parked a distance from your ball. This avoids return trips to the cart and speeds play.

B.     What An Individual Can Do To Speed Up Play:

1.      Try to play at a time when there is the best chance of playing fast, when the course is least crowded.

2.      Select playing companions that also like to concentrate on playing golf, not talking, drinking, and eating.

3.      Arrange the match and bets in the clubhouse or pro shop prior to starting on the first tee.

4.      Have a game plan on how you want to play the course.

5.      Carry a spare ball or two.

6.      Take no mulligan or practice shots.

7.      Decide what club you will need to use before you get to the ball.

8.      Think about your next shot, where to place your bag or handcart, or where to park your golf cart.

9.      Be prepared to play when it is your turn. Select your club, line up your shot or study your putt. Make your practice swings while others are playing. When it is your turn, address the ball and hit it.

10.    Learn how far you can hit the ball with each club.

11.    When out of the hole and heading for a triple-bogey, pick up.

12.    Watch where you hit your own ball, so it can be found quickly. If in doubt, hit a provisional.

13.    Be realistic when waiting to hit to a green or off the tee. Usually the waiters cannot get the ball to the green with a cannon.

14.    Walk briskly, and you will get more exercise.

15.    Do not stop with playing partners while they hit their ball. Go to your own ball, if you are not in danger of getting hit.

16.    Watch the actions of other putts to learn about speed and break on the greens.

17.    Repair ball marks and divots while waiting for other players, not when it is your turn.

18.    Mark your scores as you walk to the next tee, not on the green you just played.

19.    Be conscious of the lost ball rule in looking for a lost ball. Only the player should spend time looking, while the others hit.

20.    Do not stop to give a playing lesson to your partner.

21.    Learn the rules of golf (local and USGA).

C.     What Groups Can Do To Speed Up Play:

1.      If two are riding, player first to hit should make their club selection, then take two more clubs, one longer and one shorter. While they are preparing to hit, the other player should ride to their ball. Do not wait for each other.

2.      Putt when ready. Don't wait for outside players, if they are not ready.

3.      Forget honors. The first man off the green and on the tee should hit it.

4.      Play when ready in fairway, even simultaneously, as long as you do not interfere with other players.

5.      Shorter distance players hit first, as soon as group ahead is out of range.

6.      If the group behind is pressing you, wave them through, then speed up your own play.

7.      Only one person should look for their ball in rough or out of bounds, and only for two minutes.

8.      Wave through the following group on Par 3's, particularly longer Par 3 holes.

9.      At green, driver should bring other player's putter, if they don't already have it, which they should.

10.    When driving from hole to hole, notice the flagstick placement on other greens that you will be playing later on.

11.    Rake or smooth out divots in sand bunkers that you land in.

12.    Read directional signs and other notices that will help you with club selection, where to go next, etc.